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Phantom 3 Part 94 2312A Motor (CCW)(Pro/Adv/Sta)

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Phantom 3 Part 94 2312 A Motor (CCW)(Pro/Adv/Sta).

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Phantom 3 Part 94 2312A Motor (CCW)(Pro/Adv/Sta) Reviews

Based on 1 review

Brad Phillip Deal

Posted by Brad Phillip Deal on Aug 3rd 2017

Motor did not work. Have tried it on other side that I know is working because that motor is good and it did not work thair either. This is all after having my drone sent back to me via dji care after being sent off to be repaired under my so called warranty I paid more for when I brought it. After sending it I'm told I don't have the warranty I paid extra for and it would coast 255 dallors to repair it. I didn't have the money so it was sent back only to arrive home wt not only the motor not repaired but the ribbon on the camera was now broke at what looked to be intentional. So thanks a lot for nothing dji I love my phantom 3 n was looking forward to upgrading but wt all the issues I have wt the company I'm considering selling mine for down payment on another brand.